Making Wine Stoppers – Working Big

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wine bottle stopper bead


6 Responses to “Making Wine Stoppers – Working Big”

  1. Dave Says:

    LInda, interesting project. I have been trying to locate wine stopper blanks. Where did you get the blanks you used? Thanks. Dave

  2. Denise Says:

    Yes, please tell us where you got the wine stopper blanks!

  3. Susan Alsup Says:

    Is it possible to find stoppers with a top appropriate for gluing your own objects on? Thank you-Susan Alsup

    • Robert Murray Says:

      Ms. Alsup, Were you able to find a source for the metal or stainless steel blank wine stoppers? If so, would you help me with that source? Thank you,

  4. Alcohol Drinks Not Drugs » Making Wine Stoppers - Working Big Watch Me Create Says:

    […] Get more information about this from the author here […]

  5. thomm Says:

    im making a wine stopper… and i need the dimensions (for a school project) if someone could send me the dimension that would be great 🙂 Thom

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