Not a Kitsch Halloween Witch

Kitsch and I have this Love hate relationship. Being an artists that has a tendency to “illustrate” ideas often, I worry about getting too kitsch. It is important to me that my work be soulful and unique. Working in this small bead scale, I cannot help but be reminded of all of the paranoid Fine arts students, that would never want their art to be referred to as kitsch.

Coming from a background in ceramics, in the 90’s; kitsch was a subject discussed often. (Clay is the other material, besides glass, that was traditionally used as function, and now is used to create art.) Those cute little roosters, and angels you can buy at the dollar store, mass produced in China, made of clay or resin. That is Kitsch.

Being a Fine arts student, I naturally acquired this bias. I was against kitsch, and it bothered me that I was against it. I am not sure I agree with being against any type of art. I have tried hard to repel my hate for kitsch. They tried to train me to think kitsch is cheap. It seamed that way.

So, here I am making a bead for a halloween contest, and all I can think about is not being kitsch. Holiday art, to me, is kitsch (remember, art is subjective). I think creating biases is just limiting me. I think, my Love for the philosophy of the arts, can be overwhelming sometimes, and keeps me from getting things done. Or, to be blunt; Sometimes, I think too much.

This is my Witch. I named her “The Kitch Witch”. She is in a halloween contest at Flametree glass. She resembles many, but is a one of a kind, made with soft glass. Just under 4″ tall, after murrini and color mixing, she took about 4 to 6 hours. Two marbles are made, one with an eye murrini of mine, and one with an eye ball. She was heavy, fell off the mandrel and had to be finished on a punty. She is a bead, she has a hole that runs vertical with her body. I think she will be displayed as a work of art at Flame tree Glass.


She really does not look Kitsch to me. That is another thing, I LOVE about glass made with canes. Everything has a one of a kind look. The metals in the glass react different every time. Nope, not kitsch, whew! 😉

Happy Halloween!

Sheila Morley’s Art blog is about her works in progress, and her life as an Artist.. Sheila’s art work is currently documented in an on line gallery, and can be purchased at her website, e-bay, and she has a new shop at Etsy.


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