Not Creative? Get Spaced Out

I have not made anything new and creative for the last couple of weeks.

When that happens, I make spacers with a goal to make many spacers all the same size. I make several of them at the same time on a single mandrel. Not only that, but I keep increasing how many beads I make at the same time. Right now, I can make 6 beads reliably. For larger spacers, I can make 8 – I guess that is because there is more glass to keep the heat.


It is actually kind of therapeutic, because I really don’t have to think about anything except the dance to keep each bead evenly heated. And, decisions, decisions – what color to use next.

Then when I just don’t feel like lighting the torch – I put pictures of all these spacers into the same image. Now that’s creative isn’t it? Or is it creative avoidance?

Rosemarie Hanus gets spacey and creates artisan lampwork beads at her home studio in Bath Township, Ohio. She has a website, Spawn Of Flame and a blog where you can see more of her work.


4 Responses to “Not Creative? Get Spaced Out”

  1. lori g. Says:

    I’ve started doing the same thing only I do disk shapes because that’s what I use a lot in jewelry and as accents on lariats. You always need more spacers!

  2. rose h. Says:

    Ohhh! I never thought of making batches of disk beads. I wonder why not?

  3. rose h. Says:

    If anyone has been trying to get to my website, it has been down.

    The web host people are moving servers and things have gone awry. Best guess is that it will be back up sometime today.

    In the meantime, you can check out some of my stuff on Etsy. That is

  4. dropstr » Blog Archiv » Not Creative? Get Spaced Out Says:

    […] here Der Beitrag wurde am Saturday, den 3. November 2007 um 11:25 Uhr veröffentlicht und wurde […]

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