Creating with Friends.

Yikes! It’s been awhile since I’ve contributed an entry here. I have all kinds of excuses for why I haven’t been around but only one can be used for our WMC blog. 😉

A few weeks ago I had the chance to spend a weekend playing with several bead making friends of mine. For three days we we were immersed in the camaraderie of creating together. What a wonderful way to recharge your batteries! I think I could make millions if I just found a way to bottle and market the energy that comes from creating with friends that share your passion.


I try to push myself in new directions… but it’s much more fun to have someone sitting next to me suggesting a color or technique that I haven’t thought about using before. I always seem to come back from those experiences several steps ahead of where I was before going!

Classes are definitely a great way to expand your knowledge and techniques. The things I’ve learned in Tom and Sage’s classes or with any of the other wonderful teachers I’ve had over the years are invaluable. But don’t overlook the benefits of organizing small retreats with friends. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn from each other!


2 Responses to “Creating with Friends.”

  1. Ellen Says:

    And, naturally, you’ll be sharing all your new found wisdom with your-best-friend, Ellen, right?

  2. nancysellsglass Says:

    You betcha buddy! 😉

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