Why my enamels have been sitting on the shelf…

There they sit… staring at me… every time I sit down to torch! My name is Nancy and I am enamel challenged. I bought a sample pack of all the colors a couple years ago and had every intention of figuring out the mystery of enameling. But I just can’t seem to get the hang of them.

A few days ago I saw a set of beads that Kaye Husko has listed in her Etsy store. I loved the colors she used so I got my enamels back down. How hard could it be to roll on some powders? I set everything up… made my beads… added the enamels and stringer… put them in the kiln. So far so good right? The next morning I anxiously pulled out my beads and this is what I found…


I’m really disappointed with the focals. The middle one – YUCK! The smaller beads don’t look too bad in this picture but they’re not what I wanted. So for now the enamels are back up on the shelf. I guess I’ll leave the magical powders in the hands of Kaye, JC and others. I’m not defeated ~ just frustrated!

I don’t play and experiment nearly enough. I hate wasting the glass and my time! But if I want to continue to grow in my art then I need to get over those feelings. So I’m going to get those darn enamels back out again in a couple weeks and try again. In the meantime, maybe I’ll pull out the copper mesh thats been sitting next to the enamels… πŸ˜‰

Nancy Sells Puffer is a lampwork bead/jewelry artist from Grand Rapids, MI. Check out her very own blog here and visit her website at www.nancysellsglass.com


3 Responses to “Why my enamels have been sitting on the shelf…”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Hey, Nance – roll a dk.ivory rod in some enamel and then wrap clear around it – pull a stringer. Make some dots and either leave them up or melt them down. When the dots spread out they look pretty darn cool.

  2. cathylybarger Says:

    I like making little galaxies out of enamels. (I’m a marver-on-er as opposed to a sprinkle-on-er like JC.) Mix up a little white, purple and turquoise on your marver and roll/dab a blob of it on a dark colored bead. Stick a clear thick stringer in the center of the blob and twist it around really well. Encased or no people really seem to like little galaxies.

    White also makes great little clouds on landscape beads.

  3. nancysellsglass Says:

    Thanks you two – I’ll have to give your ideas a try! πŸ™‚

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