Twisty Time

I tend to be an experimentive bead maker, so despite my constant drooling over pictures of other peoples beads, admiring their color combos and voraciously reading bead forum tutorials, I rarely take any of that information to the torch with me. I never take books or pictures into my studio, and I rarely go into the studio thinking “so and so had a great color combo, I think I’ll try it today”.  A while back there was a discussion on a lampwork forum about twisty recipes. One of the mentioned recipes was twist of opal yellow, copper green, and evil devitrifying purple. This is a very pretty combination that (I think) is done used by numerous artists. The discussion about this twisty piqued my interest, so I decided that it was about time I go ahead and give it a try.



In my normal fashion I headed to the studio with out writing down the instructions, so of course I didn’t actually try the exact recipe I meant to. Instead of opal yellow, EDP and copper green I used opal yellow, EDP, turquoise, and In some through in a little dark silver plum because I like to use it in twisties. The more reactive colors the better right?


I made beads in some of my kind of shapes using someone else’s twisty recipe. They were fun to do and I was pleased with the results. Maybe I should pay more attention to other peoples instructions. Unfortunately, the last bead proved to be a non seller, twice. My vision of that bead has with the thick side up, but now I wonder if it would be more appealing if I took my pictures with the heavy end down. What do you think? Should I flip it over and list it one more time?


Linda beads and blogs from her home in Salt Lake City, Utah!


4 Responses to “Twisty Time”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Flip that sucker, chica!

  2. beadabundant Says:

    The picture looks a little blurry right at the spot where the design is. Try flipping it, and re-photographing it. Sometimes I think, when a bead doesn’t sell, the right customer just hasn’t found it yet. Try again! Or try a different venue, like Etsy or a show. It’s a lovely bead!

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