Clothespin Beads???

clothespin beadsSo what do you think of this bead shape?

I love to make them, but I’m not exactly sure it’s a shape that other people really like. I’d like to change that, so I plan to keep making them, and hopefully others will come like them as well.

Beadmaking is a creative outlet and stress reliever for me. Because of this I tend to make what makes me happy regardless of what’s in style or what’s currently selling on ebay. Perhaps this doesn’t make me a great art business person (read: I’d better keep my day job!), but it does give me a great deal of personal pleasure.

For some reason unknown to me, I tend to gravitate to making slender long shapes; perhaps my beads emulate shapes I wish I was – LOL. Asymmetry really appeals to me too, perhaps that’s another reason I like this shape so well.

I keep thinking that I need a name for this bead shape. While it’s a long bead, it’s not really a bicone, and it’s not a tube. I’ve heard people use the term “urn shaped”, but in my mind “urns” are shorter and squatier. It’s a bit more vase shaped, but that term doesn’t seem quite right to me either. Amphora is such a wonderful word, but I like to use it for items that are truly vessels.

I recently posted one of these beads on an internet forum and posed the “what should I call it” question. The answer I received from several people was “clothespin” shaped. You know, those old fashioned, springless wooden clothespins. I can certainly see the similarity, but I’m not exactly sure I want to bill my creations as “clothespin beads”.

I know I haven’t really made an effort to bring much marketing savvy to my work, but even I can see that’s not really the direction I want go. So I’m looking for ideas. What should I call this bead shape?

Linda beads and blogs from her home in Salt Lake City, Utah!


6 Responses to “Clothespin Beads???”

  1. angelinabeadalina Says:

    Slender and graceful are the words that instantly pop into mind when I see pics of this style of LindaCarol bead! I think “clothespin” is a description that absolutely nails the shape, but I agree that it’s probably not the best marketing for these gorgeous glass creations. I hope someone suggests a name that has just the right balance of creativity and descriptiveness; these are so beautiful.

  2. tracybeads Says:

    I wouldn’t suggest “clothespin” either, unless maybe you built them off the end of the mandrel and actually cut them in the center. I agree with Angie about the name “clothespin”, not a very glamorous name for a graceful bead. I like amphora also and you could always describe them as “amphora shaped” beads. Or make your own word out of it? Amphorical, Amphoric, Amphoria ( play off of euphoria), Amphortastic. I’m sure you’ll come up with a great name.
    I like long slender beads also and usually go with that style when making my 2 piece geisha bottoms ( I think I share your “wish I was this shape” thoughts). I rarely make a lip on them though and you adding that also gives them other design possibilities, they could be wire wrapped like a vessel. Good job Linda! 🙂

  3. Ellen Says:

    I don’t have a descriptive name for you but I’ll tell you what I thought of when I looked at this bead. You know those wonderfully tall and regal Africans? The Zulu’s, I think? That’s what I thought – A Zulu princess.

  4. Tanja Says:

    we have Beads too.

  5. Deanna Says:

    I love the shape. Coming from an architectural background, it reminds my of ancient Papyrus Columns. Very Graceful.

  6. Artymezia Says:

    Your beads are FABULOUS! I just stumbled onto your blog from Art Bead Scene (blog ring). I think the bead in question looks a bit like the Goddess shape that is so popular right now. I could certainly see myself utilizing it in that way if I were to create a with one.

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