The Alien Reindeer Tree Goddess

Remember how I was telling you about trying to capture the glass likeness of the spirit in the maple tree in our backyard? Well, here’s the first attempt:


Here are the reactions of my children to this sculpture:

“Cool, Mommy, you made a reindeer goddess!” said the five year old.

“I don’t know, Mom, looks kinda like an alien to me.” drawled the six year old.

You know what? I think they are right 🙂 I also think I practiced some skills in the process of making this alien reindeer tree goddess, so as always, “there is no wasted glass.” The double ring of branches/antlers around her upper shoulders and head was great for practicing patience and heat control. I have a tendency to make things that allow me to just shove the glass into the flame and melt and sculpt, but I had to slow down with these separate branches. Since this tree goddess is about 95mm tall, I also practiced keeping the entire sculpture warm while working on those smaller parts. This particular skill has evolved for me, but it’s always good to practice.

The final skill I practiced with this alien reindeer tree goddess? Parenting with grace. What could I do except laugh and agree with my munchkins’ perception of this sculpture? Just because I can see what I was trying to make in a sculpture doesn’t limit other people’s perceptions to the same ideas. Katie and James used their own imaginations to fill in the story behind this piece of glass, and they each came up with very different but just as applicable descriptions.

Oh, and I now know for sure how my mom felt when she made that tartan plaid Christmas dress that we all assumed was a housecoat. Know what she did? She cheerfully donated the party dress/ housecoat to the snowman we made the next day. Now, that is parenting with grace 🙂


2 Responses to “The Alien Reindeer Tree Goddess”

  1. Ellen Says:

    I remember several years ago, I made what I considered to be a really cool abstract shaped bead for an ankle bracelet. My friend said, “oh, cool, a dolphin.” I, of course, replied, “yeah, that’s right – a dolphin.” hehe

  2. tracybeads Says:

    I like the gold leaf on top of the white/ivory. Gold and white always reminds me of winter or angels. I bet she’d look great hanging on someone’s Christmas tree.

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