Back at the torch

Turkey day and the arrival of the new iMacs kinds of got in the way of my torching for several days. Then when I finally did get some work done I discovered that my ventilation system needed an overhaul. {cough cough}.

Darling hubby finally got the blower installed that I bought last March and I’m back at it. Well, I was yesterday anyway. And itching to work on those “drift” beads some more and see what new combos i could come up with. Plus I got that new Tapley lentil press I wanted to try and after a couple of false starts managed to get something approaching the lovely shape I did in Michael’s class last month.


I just LOVE the way these beads turn out. They have lots of depth, interesting shading from all the transparent glasses … I just am having too much fun! Here’s another one:


The first bead I made yesterday (despite the “title” was an “end of day” bead. OK since I had to clean off the workbench I picked out all the interesting bits from the growing pile and chunked ’em all into one bead. Then I mooshed it with my new Tapley tongs. When I’ve done this in the past they looked like a mutant experiment #9 and wound up in the trash, but this one came out pretty good:


All in all, it was a good day at the torch and I’m looking forward to my next session.

Darleen Michael-Baker is a glass beadmaker who blogs out of her home studio in Sheridan, WY.


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