The Face Beads are Growing Hair…

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5 Responses to “The Face Beads are Growing Hair…”

  1. acmegirl Says:

    What fun! I love it!

  2. Ellen Says:

    Love the faces – love the hair. If you think it needs more, hmmmm. Less? hmmmm
    I don’t think you need more but I’ve always been big on odd numbers so maybe 3 hairs and not 4?
    The beads themselves are so killer that I wouldn’t like to see the hair take away from that but I think it’s a fabulous addition. A compliment, so to speak rather than the focus.

  3. lori g. Says:

    Thanks Ellen!

    I thought about that odd number thing too. I will try three. I traded for some funky fibers in Tucson and I want to try to work those in but that was a flop.

    I’ll get there!

  4. oddestgoddess Says:

    Those are the funniest beads! They make me smile!
    You might want to try making the hair shorter…more around the face hair style. Just an idea. But I would buy them without the hair…just on the strength of the smile.

  5. Otter Says:

    I was just searching through WMC and found your Face Beads. They are so cute!!! I love them. I hope you are still working on them or working on them again…. they need to come back out and play.


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