I Like Warning Labels


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3 Responses to “I Like Warning Labels”

  1. Alicia Edwards Says:

    Animal & people crossing signs are also amusing. SOmetimes they get funky! I travelled in Australia years ago and took photos of all the crossing signs. There are times when a camel is just a camel – yet there are other times when it gets frisky and “bucks” across the sign! Another favorite is the ducks! Sometimes they are nice and neat in a very tidy row, and well, some times there is a rougue duckling that is flying over the rest of the crew.

  2. jean Says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! love your ideas!!!

    I was going to go around here, way before anyone thought of it in those catalogs and put up “fairy crossing” signs, prompted by the many deer crossing signs we have around here. I had it all figured out and then reality and LIFE got in my way! ah well!

  3. cathylybarger Says:

    My mom made me an aardvark crossing sign for my store. My flaming ass aardvark logo is from the sign (sans the flames).
    I want to go to Australia and take pictures of signs too. They’ve got some weird critters there.

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