Tree Spirits: Experimental Sisters to Green Men

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5 Responses to “Tree Spirits: Experimental Sisters to Green Men”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Angela – I know I feel “knocked” out every time I see one of your beads.
    I also know that every dang time I try to make something (beady) that I don’t “feel,” it looks like crappola to me so I say do what makes your heart sing, chica!

  2. tracybeads Says:

    Yes please, don’t get caught up in the “will other people like this” trap. If you do what YOU like and what feels good, you’ll be successful.

  3. beadabundant Says:

    I say, make what you love. The skills you need to express yourself creatively will develop as you need them. My favorite beads (and the ones that ended up selling the best) are the ones that came from saying, “I’m going to make whatever I feel like making today.”

  4. unrequitedlovesong Says:

    “When I do sit down at the torch, I need the creative release of making something that speaks to me, instead of the methodical practice of one skill.”

    If we all followed the same path, the world would be pretty boring wouldn’t it? Go off that beaten path and explore.

  5. angelinabeadalina Says:

    Thanks, guys 🙂 It’s nice to hear that other people have given it thought and come to a similar conclusion– do what you love!

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