Inspiration. Using Others’ Work to be Yourself?

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bright color inspiration pictures


5 Responses to “Inspiration. Using Others’ Work to be Yourself?”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Hey, Lori – I’ve got that same directional problem. I’m classifying it as a learning disabililty: it’s called Directional Deficit Disorder. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I must say that having a little GPS with me on freelance jobs has helped a great deal.
    My son and husband used to make fun of me when we were in the mall. Not in the parking lot, though, I couldn’t even get out of a store and turn correctly WITHIN the mall. They’d stand behind me and watch to see which way I’d turn. Poopheads!
    I’ve also got a stack of little pics torn from catalogs for color inspiration – rarely inspired by nature. hmmmm. Maybe we were twins seperated at birth. hehe

  2. Angie Garren Says:

    Lori, I gotta tell ya that I don’t think of organics when I picture your beads in my mind– I do think brights, and your magazine clippings seem to go with your style to me 🙂 When I think of your beads, I think of the face with all the bright colors that’s in your avatar now, and I think of pretty bubbles of pink in that other fav bead!

  3. lori g. Says:

    Hey Ellen.

    I have the same thing everywhere I go. Not just parking lots. It can be funny to watch me in a department store trying to decide which way to go to get into the mall.

    Funny thing is, I start out in my direction with authority and people follow me…even if they know I’m wrong…until I say, “I don’t know where I’m going but you’re following me.”

    Perhaps we are separated at birth. 🙂

  4. lori g. Says:

    Hi Angie.

    You must have come into my bead-making ‘career’ right when I was forcing myself to work with bright colors. I can’t tell you how many blog posts I’ve written about that struggle. And the struggle with florals. And the struggle with faces, etc.

    That’s part of how this blog started…to encourage others to push themselves into something different that they think they can’t do.

  5. blog » Inspiration - What’s Behind Door Number Two? Says:

    […] anyway…I wrote about how I’m inspired by bright colors but don’t like to work in bright colors.  That is still confusing to me.  These days […]

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