My Struggles With the Concept of a “Fresh New Year”.

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3 Responses to “My Struggles With the Concept of a “Fresh New Year”.”

  1. Lynda Says:

    Good Morning Lydia:

    I have been remiss in thanking you for the beautiful vessal bead I ordered from you before Christmas. It has a place of honor on my bookcase in the living room. What a difficult decision you have about corporate versus artistic. I assume by your post you’ve decided for the artistic? You truly have a Gift and I’m thrilled to be able to enjoy one of your creations.

    Most Sincerely.

  2. lydiamuell Says:

    Lynda, thank you so much for your encouraging words. I am very happy that you like your vessel!!

    I may end up kicking myself later, but last night I was formally offered the job and I turned it down. I don’t know how well I’d adapt to the daily grind at this point. I am sure that I would be unproductive in a corporate environment as I would be watching the clock all day waiting for 5pm to come so that I can hurry home to my torch. lol

  3. Best of the Week ending 1/13/2008 | Art of the Firebird Says:

    […] you going again?? Check out Cre­ative Every Day 2008.Lydia Muell shares her strug­gle with the con­cept of a “fresh new year” for Watch Me Cre­ate.The Etsy Storque’s lat­est Shop Makeover Series arti­cle is about […]

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