What is Your Definition of an Organic Bead?

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lori greenberg organic lampwork glass beads


3 Responses to “What is Your Definition of an Organic Bead?”

  1. Suz Says:

    The way I have always interpreted ‘organic’ is the flowing, random designs of beads that look like they could be natural stone or wood, often using reactive glass like intense black or SIS.

    Whatever you call then though, your beads are lovely!

  2. Otter Says:

    I think you are correct when you assert that the topic of what constitutes an organic bead is one of those never ending debates. I do think your beads have a natural look and feel about them and can see why you call them organic. I also can see why you would call them “Structured Organic”.

    My definition of “organic” beads comes from seeing beads that looked like natural wood or stone and used reactive glass and often silver or other metal. The beads were described that way by the artists that made them and I learned the term early on in my interest in beads.

    I describe the majority of my work as “organic” because of what I initially learned. I use a lot of reactions in most of my beads. I make my beads to at least somewhat simulate natural wood or stone. I also make odd shaped beads that have what I personally would call a more “organic” look and feel.

    I have seen many people describe their beads as organic and they all look different. I do not at all have a problem with that and do not feel any of us own the term organic. In fact if you use the actual definition of the word organic, most of us that call our beads organic would be mislabeling them.

    One final note, I don’t see the term “structured Organic” out there in reference to beads, this will set your beads apart and might just be a great marketing idea.


  3. Ellen Says:

    I think “structured organic” is a perfect description.

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