I’ve lost that beadin’ feeling…

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7 Responses to “I’ve lost that beadin’ feeling…”

  1. rebecca Says:

    Whenever I feel like my lack of success is related to the local economy or the amount of opportunities I have, I go look at Sarah Hornick’s website and read her bio again. That usually kicks me back into gear. She’s a young single woman who quit her job and supports herself by making amazing beads….. in Tel Aviv Isreal, where there is no market for selling her goods, where she’s lucky if it’s a time where she isn’t under threat of war. She makes all of her beads on the most simple of equipment, a hothead torch, which amazes me and stops me from thinking…. if only I had a bigger torch or more glass or more tools. She sells them online to people across the globe since she doesn’t really have a local outlet and ships them off to foreign countries. She took a beadmaking class and through practice and determination was making beads good enough to sell, and was selling them, so she could quit her full-time job a few short months later. And she didn’t have an employed spouse to support her.

    For some reason, reading her story usually kicks me back into gear since I have so many more opportunities than she does. I’m just not taking full advantage of mine.

  2. Lyn Foley Says:

    Hey, I can relate to this so-o-o- much. My last year was a little tough – not just sales wise, but life-wise (which affects sales). One of the first few blogs I wrote was “Will it sell? – nothing like stifiling creativity”. I simply just have to keep coming from love – loving what I am doing, and trusting that somehow, “the” customer will show up, and love what I do, and pay the price for those one of a kind, spectacular pieces.

    My theory is: I make each piece for someone – and all I have to do is keep showing it, and sharing it, and that person will come along and find what I have made for Her (him?).

    Bless you, just keep creating from your heart>

    PS I live in a town of only 77 – yes 77 people. I just have to get it out in the world somehow – thus blogs , etsy, galleries, whatever!!!!


  3. Ellen Says:

    Oh, chica, I soooooooo understand what you’re saying. I’m sitting in the same boat, right behind you. Can you feel my hot breath on your neck? Sorry.
    I’ve been trying to figure out my “slump” and I believe that my open house last fall has affected me more than I thought. It was my 10th yr and my personal sales were much, much lower than the previous years. People just didn’t come.
    I finally felt like lighting up and then couldn’t come up with an idea. I don’t feel quite ready to create spring/summer beads yet so I’m hanging in limbo. Plus I wonder what my spring open house (we do this twice a yr) will bring. Hard to get psyched up for it. hmmmmmmm

  4. Laura Kay Says:

    Yep, I think we’ve all been there at one point or another. I’ll be honest with you: I make less bead jewelry now than I did when I first started. Part of it is due to lots of competition out there (count the number of jewelry makers at your next craft show) and part of it is simply facing the fact that sometimes you have to make jewelry that YOU may not personally like, but you know will sell well…

    My solution? Use my knowledge and experience to keep doing things I like doing, but do them in slightly different ways… I personally blog and read and just enjoy other people’s work just as much as my own. I don’t depend on bead jewelry as any sort of “steady” income so I try to see every sale as a positive one and a learning experience.. Some days I don’t feel like making jewelry, I write on my blog. Some days I don’t feel like writing, I sit and work on a piece of jewelry. Some days I just watch TV 😉

    Perhaps you could take your classes and make some manuals out of them to sell to others. Or maybe video tape a class or two and then put a few clips up on youtube and try to sell a training video or two.

    I find that I’m often more creative after I’ve had some “time away” from a project or something I do often… Good luck! Your photos and jewelry are beautiful!

  5. loribeads Says:

    Well, I just thought I would pop in here and say that when I met you in Portland at the Gathering, I was stunned by the gorgeous jewelry you designed. I still think about some of the pieces you were wearing there and sigh wistfully. They were just so beautiful. Anyway, I think you rock, Nancy, and thought you should know that.
    Love, Lori

  6. nancysellsglass Says:

    Thanks for all your suggestions and encouragement! 🙂 Some good ideas and inspiration here.

  7. nancysellsglass Says:

    Thanks Lori ~ you’re a sweetie! 😉

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