Photographing Jewelry: Behind the Scenes

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photographing jewelry


7 Responses to “Photographing Jewelry: Behind the Scenes”

  1. Ellen Says:

    I used to experiment more than I do now and the only reason I stopped must be due to laziness. Naturally, up here in the frozen north, getting outside is limited so maybe that’s why I switched. If spring ever comes to Michigan, I think I start experimenting again.
    Thanks for the boost, Lori.

  2. Lori Anderson Says:

    I hear that about cold! Yesterday I went outside, rather than sitting in the window, to see how that worked, and it was windy and cold and I quickly got peeved at the shadows — this is definitely a work in progress! But I think photography is so important to getting our work noticed!!

  3. Frannie Says:

    I enjoyed your Behind the Scenes article. I am attempting to learn photography for my website. It’s amazing how
    light affects every shot. I am doing alot of reading and
    practicing. My daughter is an amatuer photographer….
    she said I did an awesome job. I felt good with that comment….since I do/did consider myself a “disposable
    camera girl”

  4. Lori Anderson Says:

    It takes a lot of work — at least for me! I considered taking a class at the local college, but they focus more on landscapes and portraits and not product shots with Macro. So I just spend way more time than I have trying things out. I have a hard time remember everything I do, but it’s coming along!

    Keep at it! ūüôā

  5. joolzbylisa Says:

    I have the same tent setup…it’s too hot here most of the time and the light is too hard to control outside. I love what you have been doing though…and I need to find my larger tent!

  6. debkauz Says:

    Good info! I have to say I found that when I actually read the book that came with my camera it helped a lot too. LOL

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