Beard Beads

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beard beads


7 Responses to “Beard Beads”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Well, first of all – way cool. I was just a bit disappointed, though, to not see the whole face of that handsome devil. A little shy, is he?
    Secondly, I made beads some years ago for a very funky high school girl to wear in her hair to the prom. She loved them and I was the “cool old lady” for a while. hehe

  2. cathylybarger Says:

    Don shy? No. He’s had plenty of face time on the Aardvark blog. He really likes those beard beads, too, so I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him or his beard on WMC.

    Teenagers are really hard to impress. Congrats on your “cool old lady” status!

  3. sp Says:

    I got a chance to see Don’s beard beads in action recently on a bitterly cold night in Soughton WI at a 30th birthday party for our friend Aaron the amazing metalsmith. Wow, what a fun time. It seems to me that the facial hair accoutriements could never live up to the actual musical talent in display by the RetroBox music ensemble. But they shure do add to that rock star aura…

  4. cathylybarger Says:

    Yup they do. I don’t think he’s going to get rid of the beard this year. I wonder if we can write it off as a dependant on our taxes?

  5. jean Says:

    I love love love this, especially as we saw that episode (of course) and I spent a lot of time unconciously staring at the neat effect of the beard beads as the guy acted his way through his elegant role. They were cool. Yours are even cooler! Make this work for women too who have any sort of long pretty hair! why not!
    you are so hip! Yay!!!

  6. cathylybarger Says:

    That guy had a pretty beard. I’m sure he inspired many. Usually you just see that look on hippies and bikers. I’m glad you caught that episode.

  7. Aislin Says:

    Thanks for tips! Couldn’t find the tape so we used a plastic dodad that holds tickets on clothes as a pull through with hair spray to hold the hair together.

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