Experiment! More on Encasing Red Glass.

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2 Responses to “Experiment! More on Encasing Red Glass.”

  1. lori g. Says:

    Great red bead Linda! The stars must have been aligned for you with your red encasing!

    How big is your bead? Maybe smaller, or less encasing, works better? I’ve heard that if you make a core of one color (not red) and encase that with your red glass and then encase in clear it makes it more stable.

    One way to know for sure if it’s ‘safe’ (I’ve had beads start showing weird surface spider cracking months later. GRRRR.) is to put it into a baggie and freeze it. If it warms up and is still ok, you’re safe. I do that with questionable beads and beads I sell.

    Thanks for weighing in and it’s the perfect bead for this Valentine’s Day. Happy V-Day everyone!

  2. Ellen Says:

    You’re such a rebel, chica!

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