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2 Responses to “Watch Me Create Asks YOU!”

  1. Kellie C. Says:

    I usually think of things to make that I would like to have. If I have a particular color I would like to see in beads, I will start with that and then work with contrasting and matching colors and experiment with designs. I am new to lampworking, I have been working on the torch for about a year and a half now and have given most of my stuff away. Right now I am at the point where people are asking me to make stuff for them to purchase and I find that the stress of getting what they want done can block my creative thought process. I know that may be a form of selfishness but the main purpose I took up this art was so that I can create what I see in my mind. I am not quite capable yet of trying to materialize other people’s visions. I know other lampworker’s feel the same at times, but try explaining that to someone who thinks if they wave money at you, you can magically create what they want!! It’s difficult, but eventually they understand.

  2. Kerry Says:


    Here is a link to a post I just did about my creative process on an art bead/mixed media piece:

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