I’m Stuck.


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5 Responses to “I’m Stuck.”

  1. Allegra Says:

    no you aren’t. and no, you won’t. At times creativity runs with big strides, size eleven shoes. Sooner or later it has to slow down or sit down or it meets the wall.

    I call it recharging the spirit. Don’t try to get out of the box, just get the crayons and paint the inside of the box. Eventually creativity would be back on its feet and so will you…but don’t leave the crayons behind. You never know when you may need them.

  2. Lori Anderson Says:

    That is good advice!!!!!! (Looking for my big box of crayons — oh how I LOVE crayons!)

  3. susanne/drshuze Says:

    I agree, you are not stuck. I think of these times as times to reset. Spend fifteen minutes a day sitting or lying quietly and listen. As you listen you will hear more,and more. Further into the distance and as you detach the listening will have a buffered quality and yet you will hear things you never heard before. If emotional matters feel like they are coming up and threaten to overwhelm you, either get up or go back to listening. end of part one

  4. susanne/drshuze Says:

    part two. Let go of the idea of product and play with process. Fingerpaint. Fingerpaint with pudding, with your kids maybe. (wipe the surface clean so you can lick your fingers) Or, fingerpaint on some safe surface with shaving cream and food coloring (petroleum jelly on your hands first unless you like being green!) You can when you see a shape or something you like take a print with a piece of paper. Save those for later. When you get bored with using your fingers and hands use tools.:combs, forks, flat things… anything you can find. Keep taking prints and putting them away. Later when you have played enough, you can pull those out, find the areas that speak to you, It might be just a little square and think about how to interpet that as jewelry or whatever. HAVE FUN!!!! suze

  5. Lori Anderson Says:

    Good ideas!

    Today I took a break from CREATING and did some deconstructing — taking apart pieces that haven’t sold and have been sitting around for a while. I’m collecting all the parts in bags and letting them accumulate on the table and see if something gels.

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