Refreshing: Mixed Media Collage & Glass Beads

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4 Responses to “Refreshing: Mixed Media Collage & Glass Beads”

  1. Glass Bead Courses Says:

    ‘Growing Glass No.1’ is a fantastic piece! The glass beads mixed into a media collage works really well.. very inspiring 🙂

  2. Art Glass Says:

    Lovely art work. Nice color combination. The beads look marvelous. It’s a feast to the eyes. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  3. lori g. Says:

    You go girl! I love everything you do! I like the baubles necklace on your blog too. It appeared like a choker in the picture until I saw it on you. Very cool. Keep it coming! I just don’t know how you crank out so much new, original stuff all the time.

  4. kabsconcepts Says:

    Thanks everyone!

    It is so refreshing to break from the ordinary and adventure into new ideas.

    I’ll have to post about the new necklace on here then won’t I, Lori?

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