Watching the clock…….for disaster

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2 Responses to “Watching the clock…….for disaster”

  1. Tom Says:

    funny….I had a similar experience. I had an instance where I had no choice but to put kiln paper right on the floor of the kiln while fusing something, which meant I then had mess of baked out kiln paper to clean out of the kiln. So I busted out the hose of the shop vac under the bench, turned it on and started vacuuming. Only then to my horror did I see this massive cloud of who knows what floating around, kicked up by the outlet port of the vacuum. I immediately went turtle within my clothes, hit the switch for the ventilation and high tailed it out of there for a good 20 minutes to let it clear.

    I’ve gotta get some HEPA bags for the vac….

  2. Linda Says:

    Your post makes me aware that I need to be more thoughtful of safety such as this.

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