It isn’t easy being green!

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4 Responses to “It isn’t easy being green!”

  1. Angie Garren Says:

    Linda, you are definitely a brave soul to try using those bits and pieces! I can’t even score a good line on a piece of flat glass (duh, wonder why I prefer melting glass to doing stained glass?), let alone think about trying to break those bottles into usable pieces. I like that you’ve met the challenge of only using glass from one single bottle in a single bead, too– the textures really let the single color “show its stuff” and be the star.

  2. Cathy Lybarger Says:

    I did this for a while a couple of years ago and had some success using blue glass Arizona Iced Tea bottles. I made the beads into earrings and was able to sell them that way. Not as much fun as wine but the glass is very pretty especially when etched.
    Using scrap anything is extremely limiting and way harder that using new. Good for you!

  3. bellabeadjewelry Says:

    I love the idea of recycling and recycled art is very popular. I haven’t done what you’ve shared but I do remember when I was a kid cutting those soda bottles and making vases!

  4. Jodi McRaney Rusho Says:

    Hi Linda;

    These look great! I’m in Salt Lake City too, and always willing to cut a bottle for a fellow green-glass artist. Supposedly, you can mix bottles if you use the same batch no. off the bottom of the bottle.

    In addition, there are some mica’s and quite a few powders that can be used with float glass (window) that might allow you to expand your color range while still using recycled.



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