Color and Insomnia

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4 Responses to “Color and Insomnia”

  1. Otter Says:

    What a great suggestion. I found this very helpful, thanks.


  2. angimia Says:

    excellent idea!!! I’m just beginning this beading thing, and although I’ve been spending myself silly on crystals, lampwork, gemstones, etc., I’m at a loss for color combinations. I’ll be ripping up my magazines beginning tonight – – after everyone else is in the bed!

  3. glassbyjennifer Says:

    I do this, too! I’ve done journals for years and still haven’t found THE perfect journal until I discovered the Moleskine had been resurrected. I LOVE this journal format…hard cover binding, all kinds of page format (grid, lined, blank, sketch quality). I filled up my first pocket size. I’m now on a medium grid-style and this really helps me with my sketches. I remember seeing the idea for this type of journal in the move The Saint (with Elizabeth Shue and Val Kilmer). She was the eccentric scientist who also loved art and her journals were a mix of scientific notations, beautiful photos, sketches, notes, poetry, thoughts. I loved that idea and I like going through my old journals. It’s kind of a chronological mix of my life and the thoughts, people, things and ideas that inspired me at that time.

    I’m sorry on the insomnia part! I suffer, too…struggling through an insomniac period now. A stressful day job and trips to China don’t help either. And caffeine works for me…at 11pm…

  4. glassbyjennifer Says:

    Oooh…and if you’re looking for magazine muses…my latest favorite is Pottery Barn. Their floral photographs and color combos are really stunning. The floral photos in PB remind me of the old Victoria magazine…(the new one doesn’t quite have the same finesse I remembered from the old one.)

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