Pets and Portraits in Glass

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3 Responses to “Pets and Portraits in Glass”

  1. glassbyjennifer Says:

    Your doggie beads have me hooked! And I recognized the Westie breed…I have 4 Maltese and this bead only needs the droopy ears to be my babies! Although, recently the two older ones were groomed and their ears were too matted to be saved, so they had them shaved. And now they look just like your bead! 😉 I’m sorry about Puppy. I almost put my 9-year-old girl, Molly, through knee surgery due to limping. The vet had her under and was able to determine it was just arthritis and not a dislocated knee (common problem in Maltese). What an honest vet! I was very grateful. So, Molly Dolly needs to go on a diet (with her mama) and start taking glucosamine chews.

  2. Lori Peterson Says:

    Ooh, thanks for the tip on the droopy ears! I have been wanting to make a Maltese because I think they are so ADORABLE! I am so glad to hear about your baby’s knee surgery. My doxie had to go on a diet too. They love people food! It’s so hard not to spoil them.

  3. glassbyjennifer Says:

    Sign me up to be your first Maltese bead customer!

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