Real life Inspires RUNNING man glass murrini

sheila morley murrini bead glass

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sheila morley murrini bead glass


6 Responses to “Real life Inspires RUNNING man glass murrini”

  1. angelinabeadalina Says:

    Sheila, that is so cool! Lots of wishes for lots of customers and lots of fun at B&B! Wherever your journey takes you, you are a dynamo and will make the best use of your opportunities. You amaze, me, ya know?? Hugs, Ang

  2. Linda at Bead&Button Says:


    Isn’t it great that a simple reminder, such as these beads, can get our body to listen to our mind and slow down a bit!?

    Thanks for the shout-out about the Bead&Button Show. Can’t wait to see you there! Classes have already started and the show floor is officially open June 6-8, so come on by!


  3. Sheila Morley Says:

    Thanks Ang,
    you amaze me!
    I am pretty excited to go to the big bead show!

    Hey Linda,
    I will see you soon!

  4. Lori Anderson Says:

    THOSE are really cool!

  5. Watch Me Create » Bead and button inspired Sculpting Glass and a side job… Says:

    […] you may want to subscribe to the RSS feed or have it sent to you by email!. Don't miss a thing!In my last post, I showed you my last murrini, “The running man” bead. Yes, that is me, hurry hurry, […]

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