Introduction: Laura Sparling

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laura sparling glass beads


11 Responses to “Introduction: Laura Sparling”

  1. lori g. Says:

    Welcome Laura! I love your beads and look forward to learning more about what you do and what’s happening over in the UK!

  2. beadsbylaura Says:

    Thank you, Lori! It’s great to be a part of WMC. :o)

  3. Lori Anderson Says:

    Looks like I’ll be buying some of your beads soon!!!!!!

  4. Linda Says:

    Just beautiful!

  5. Janine Says:

    Wow Laura! Reading all that is so inspiring. I love seeing all your creations and always fall in love with them as you well know!

    Janine xx

  6. beadsbylaura Says:

    Lori, Linda and Janine – thank you for your wonderful comments!

  7. Kerry Says:

    OOOhhh you have some yummy looking beads!! I checked out your Flickr gallery and your color combinations and stringer details are wonderful!! Welcome!!

  8. beadsbylaura Says:

    Thanks, Kerry! Your work is awesome – so bright and happy!

  9. Jenn Says:

    Yay! Laura! I’m glad to see you on this blog! Very inspiring!

  10. Laura Says:

    Aw, thanks so much Jenn! :o)

  11. Lisa Rippee Says:

    That’s some amazing stringer control. Beautiful work!

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